Brightmoor Free Store

At the Brightmoor Free Store, we are providing new and gently used clothing, household goods, and books.  Everyone is welcome.  Everything is freely given.

More than 1,100 people have shopped at the Brightmoor Free Store since it opened in January 2014, with 60-100 people shopping here each week.

The Free Store is now open once a week for your convenience:

Saturdays, 10:00am – 1:00pm

There is also a hot meal served on most days that the store is open.


Photos of the Grand Opening on July 12, 2014

Information for shoppers
Information for volunteers
Information about needed donations
The first day of the Free Store on January 11, 2014

Information for shoppers

Each shopper becomes a member of the Brightmoor Free Store, filling out a membership card the first time they shop. There is no charge for this card.

Then shoppers are able to select clothing for every member of the family as well as choosing household goods and books. Each shopper will be able to take home a certain number of items each week, so shoppers are encouraged to come back to the store several times during the month to fill family needs.

We welcome shoppers to also join us as volunteers to help prepare the store for others.

Information for volunteers

Brightmoor Free StoreIf you want to help with the Free Store, individuals and groups are invited to join us in sorting donations, organizing the store, and helping shoppers when the store is open.

When the store is open, we need volunteers for …

  • Serving beverages and snacks.
  • Welcoming customers at the door, collecting their membership cards or assisting them to fill out new cards.
  • Assisting customers with shopping in the store.
  • Assisting with check-out, bagging items as they are counted and assisting customers in carrying items to their cars.
  • Clean up.  Since many of the volunteers have spent the entire day at the Free Store, it is helpful to have a handful of volunteers who come to the store about the time it closes to assist with cleaning up.

The first day of the Free Store on January 11, 2014

What a wonderful day.  58 families shopped at the Brightmoor Free Store, selecting clothing, books, and household goods for the family.

As we welcomed our neighbors that morning, we already had the lights on, the coffee pot going, and snacks on the table. After enjoying some fellowship with the initial shoppers, we greeted the neighbors who would volunteer and gave them tasks as more neighbors arrived.

At 9:30am Pastor Courtney and Pastor Jeff delivered a devotional message and served communion to all. It was the embodiment of the Kingdom of God: we were all neighbors and we were all friends, equals at Christ’s Table. There were neighbors from Birmingham, Detroit, Redford, and many other communities seated together and there were no strangers in the bunch.

As people came into the church, near the door was a greeter’s table where smiling volunteers checked everyone in as they arrived and invited shoppers to enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack in the sanctuary while they waited for their turn in the store.

Throughout the day our neighbors shopped with dignity in a space that looks a lot like many thrift stores and second hand shops. The tables were efficiently arranged, the racks were in neat rows, the boxes were tucked under the tables for easy restocking, and there were signs announcing every department. There were piles of clothing, racks of coats, winter gear, rows of household items, shelves of books, and boxes of shoes.

When shoppers’ arms were full, volunteers offered to carry their selections to the sanctuary while they continued shopping. Outside of the store there were 2 check-out tables staffed by cheerful volunteers who politely enforced the limits with love.

The items that were given were not ordinary thrift fair, but rather they were a means of Grace … just a way for us to spend a little time with neighbors who we may not have seen again for another year following our December One-Stop Shop if we had not opened our hearts, our minds, and our doors by opening the Brightmoor Free Store.

Click on the photo below to see more photos of the January Brightmoor Free Store.

Brightmoor Free Store

January 2014 Brightmoor Free Store by the numbers:
314 pieces of adult’s clothing
368 pieces of children’s/infant’s clothing
286 accessories
41 pairs of shoes
134 household items
68 toys
117 books (adult and children)
Total: 1328 items went home with our neighbors that day!